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Pinpoint Software, Inc. is based in Madison, WI and focuses on providing software solutions that help drive operational efficiency and execution for grocers, retailers, and healthcare.

Date Check Pro

Date Check Pro is expiration date management software that lets you know when and where products are expiring in store. This helps grocers reduce shrink from expired products, reduce the labor involved with rotating product, and increase customer satisfaction. Learn more »

Date Check Pro for Healthcare

Date Check Pro for Healthcare expands our proven supermarket solution into the healthcare sector, giving hospitals a efficient means to reduce expired inventory losses while providing a safer, higher-quality patient experience. Learn more »

Stop Waste Together

Stop Waste Together is a non-profit initiative sponsored by Pinpoint Software. When paired with our expiration date management software, Date Check Pro, retailers are able to proactively track inventory expiration dates and work together with their shoppers to minimize food waste and maximize savings for everyone. Learn more »


Taskle is a software application for internal store audits and in-store task management. Our suite of reports help you identify growth opportunities and validate performance at the company, location, and task or initiative levels. Learn more »

Our Team

Andrew Hoeft

Head of Pinpoint & SVP of Solutions Architecting

Cody Sheehy

Director of Customer Success

Lisa Mavin Giss

Senior Lead Developer

Steve Brask

Senior Customer Success Specialist

Dan Fink

Continuous Improvement Manager

Prasanth Potu

DevOps Engineer

Bob Lesh

Account Manager

Alyssa Tollefson

Director of Marketing

Emma Stough

Content Marketing Strategist

Shelby Fuss

Customer Success Specialist